Salzburg and Mozart

A walk through the old town of Salzburg leads us inevitably in his footsteps – to the houses where his family lived, to his friends, to the parks, to the grave-yards and to the places where Mozart’s music was performed and is performed nowadays.

A walk in the steps of the genius becomes your own personal meeting with Mozart, his music and Salzburg.


Salzburg's Cathedral is a significant piece of church-architecture. It represents the most impressive early Baroque edifice north of the Alps. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptized here on 28th January 1756. In his position as the court organist and concert master Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart composed numerous undying works of sacred music for Salzburg.


The Residence is the former palace of the Prince-Archbishops. Mozart played numerous concerts there and it is also the location where the Serenata 'Il Re Pastore' was performed for the first time on 23rd April 1775.

Old University

In the Great Hall of the Old University (today the Theological Faculty) his Latin school comedy 'Apollo et Hyacinthus' K. 38 was performed on 13th May 1767.

St. Peter's Abbey

In 1769 thirteen-years-old Mozart composed the 'Dominicus Mass' for Abbot Hagenauer and in 1783 personally directed his famous Mass in C-minor.

Mozart's Birthplace

In the heart of Salzburg - in a small street called 'Getreidegasse' you will find the house where Mozart was born in 1756. Today the Mozart family's apartment is a museum with a lot of exhibits of Mozart: his concert violin, his clavichord, the pianoforte, an uncompleted oil painting of  'Mozart at the Piano', portraits and letters written by the Mozart family and much more.

Mozart’s Residence

Mozart’s family lived in this house from 1773 on. Today the rooms on the first floor are a museum showing the life of the Mozart family (focused on the life and work of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart).


The 'International Mozarteum Foundation' was established in 1880 with the goal to promote the musical arts, preserve the heritage and honor Mozart. 'The International Mozarteum Foundation' - also known as 'Mozarteum' - was built in the years 1910 to 1914 in a typical Munich art nouveau style.

Magic Flute Lodge

The Magic Flute Lodge is located in the bastion garden where Mozart is said to have composed parts of his 'Magic Flute'.

St. Sebastian's Cemetery

Well-known families from Salzburg as well as numerous members of the Mozart Family have found their last resting place under the magnificent arcades of the cemetery: Mozart's father Leopold, Wolfgang's wife Constanze as well as her second husband Georg Nikolas von Nissen and her aunt Genovefa von Weber, mother of the composer Carl Maria von Weber.

Old University

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart first performed the school drama 'Apollo et Hyacinthus' K. 38 at the Great Hall of the University (1767).

The Collegiate Church

Mozart composed his D-minor Mass, K. 65 (61a) for the official opening of the 40-hour period of prayer at the Collegiate Church on 5th February 1769.

Lodroni Primogenitur Palace

It was built as a Baroque palace in 1631 for Archbishop Paris Lodron's relatives. Nowadays it is part of the 'Mozarteum University of Music and Dramatic Arts'.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart often visited his friends and patrons in this house, the family of Arch-Marshal Count Lodron. Mozart enjoyed making music here with his friends. For Maria Antonia (1738 - 1780), wife of Arch-Marshal Ernst Maria Johann Nepomuk Count Lodron (1716 - 1779), Mozart wrote his two 'Night Musics', K. 247 and K. 287 in the years 1776 and 1778. He also dedicated his 'Concerto for Three Pianos' (K.242) to her and her daughters Maria Aloysia (born in 1761) and Maria Josepha (born 1764).

Pilgrimage Church Maria Plain

In this twin-towered Baroque building (built 1671 - 1674) Mozart's 'Coronation Mass' had its first performance.

Mozart Monument

On 4th September 1842 the unveiling of the statue took place in the presence of Mozart's two sons. It is the work of the Munich sculptor Ludwig von Schwanthaler.

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